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5 more months!!!!
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might be my last post!! Friday, May 07, 2010 5/07/2010 10:03:00 PM
just few more hours to my 3rd and hopefully last oversea trip!!!!!
actually quite excited about this, probably because the location is Taiwan???? haha.
but it is also a trip which i know nuts about it. like which flight i will be taking? which packet i am in? what will i be doing there? when i am coming back? wat time i will be coming back? YES! i really dunno when i am going to come back man! thats why my post's title. haha.
think i will not be coming back le ba and just stay back to look out for taiwan mei meis! =D

hmm. dunno wat else to blog already.
the Just For Laughs Asia is quite nice oh!!
and yaya... the Illuma's arcade is fun!!!! cant wait to play it again when i landed. jackpot! ^^

alright. think its time to fly off.
adios guys~!!

hope to be back by 30th May. hahaha.

back!!! from bike course... Monday, April 26, 2010 4/26/2010 06:08:00 PM
hahahaha. its really really very long since i log on to blogger and who shd i blame??
------------> FACEBOOK!!!!!!!

haha. seriously. everytime i turned on my computer, the first thing i do would be to harvest my crops ah... making my city larger ah... feed my fishes ah... make my galacticos stronger. haha. and all that will take up half of my day and then i will be off to my bed and sleep till the next morning for my bike course. and the sequence just repeat. LOL. this lifestyle shd change man!! CHANGE I BELIEVE IN! oh well. but its really changing la. cos i finally pass my bike course!!!! can book in to camp lo! haha.

this bike course really is a big challenge for me man. many ppl may say that bike and bicycle got no link at all, but i think u at least need to know how to cycle so as to have that sense of balancing in u. if u know wat i am talking abt. but nevertheless, i PASSED!!!!!!!!!

thats like after 7 tries in Balancing test and many grueling hours of extra training after every failed attempts under the hot sun(that explains my super super tanned face. FACE ONLY. haha.); 3 tries in the Public Road test and many hours and days wasted again to clock enough mileage for the next test and thats when everyone had successfully completed the course, leaving me all alone with all the instructors. damn sad. but nevertheless, i PASSED!!!!!

this is seriously the hardest course i have taken so far man. worse than recce course seriously! haha. but who cares man. i got the license already!! woohoo~! well.. maybe half the license ba. cos i still need to complete my off road which requires us to perform stunts again. this time round on rocky terrains. i still dun understand why we shd learn how to stand on a bike. man. i guess i will be all alone doing that also in June. haha. aiya.. i shall leave all these bike course stuff aside first and concentrate on my taiwan trip!

nice~ i am leaving again! this time round to my favourite country named Taiwan!! well.. doing not so 'favourity' stuff. haha. i am leaving on the 7th May! if u guys need anything there just text me ba! :)

shall update more soon!
book in lo!

HELL WEEK!!! Sunday, January 31, 2010 1/31/2010 08:31:00 PM
last week is no doubt the hardest week in camp so far man.
imagine this:

Mon morning 4km run, afternoon 8km routemarch!
Tue soc (obstacles x 3, rundown x 2)!
Wed bike circuit for those riders (doing sai gang for non-riders)!
Thur soc (trail test) again!!!!
Fri 4km battalion run!!

the SOCs are really the most F-U one. cos we need to jog from our company to the soc starting point and then complete all the soc training and then jog back to company line. that is so recruit-like la! jogging from point to point. that really sux. =(

even officer from other units commented that "at the rate that you all are training now, i think you all will die even before reaching pinnacle(taiwan's exercise)"

how i wish we got such caring officer!! haha.

so sian man. few more minutes to book in only. weekend is just too fast!! luckily for this coming week, there will be no more SOCs!!! phew! but i might need to fight my friends for this week. haha. okay la. we are having ICCT for 2 weeks, some combat training. boring~

hope there will be no more of these hell weeks!!

23 days into the new year Saturday, January 23, 2010 1/23/2010 09:14:00 PM
times flies man. so fast going to feb already. lets keep it that way man. and very soon september will come!!!!! ^^

alright, some mini updates here:

had a great virgin paintball game somewhere near sembawang there. think everyone will have at least one blue-black to bring home as souvenir and congrats to chinwei for having the biggest share! hahaha. but 3 games, 250 shots and $50 just flew away too fast man. maybe next time shd play with those not so garang ppl. haha.

the aftermath of our bbq's leftover is great too. jimmy's mum is just too good la. turning the bbq's leftover into another big feast. totally delicious!!

nth much interesting happens afterwards, cos its time to book in after the feel-so-short 2 weeks break! sian.

life is still as sucky now. soc soc soc and more soc to come in the next few weeks, parades, 5bxs, singing of national anthem every morning(-_-), pull up regimes, sbj regimes and many more sucky things to come. cant imagine our CSM would say this:

-> "Don't think ever since you all had move here and had BETTER life then you all can slack off!"


i think its like 1000 times worse than the previous camp la. haix! what to do? suck thumb, bite the bullet and go man. haha. 8 more months.. 8 more freaking months!!!!

but thinking of life after 8 months, i really dunno what should i do man. recently been to NAFA open hse, look through their courses. still thinking if i should take it anot. 3 years dip + 1 year deg. and the most freaking thing is that sch starts in july and i cant disrupt! so had to till next year then can apply. totally waste time can. HMM. how man?


Happy 2010!!!! Friday, January 01, 2010 1/01/2010 10:47:00 PM

cant wait for our very first paintball game tml man.

Ex Sacred Zara

hahaha. what a name. oh well.

oh ya. jimmy hse is just amazing la. can even see fireworks all the way from town?!! or issit sentosa? or marina bay? i dunno man. but we can just see fireworks displayed at a very very far place. how nice!

Round 2 of steamboat to be continued tml! haha. okay la. its the leftovers. =/

less than 24hrs only Thursday, December 31, 2009 12/31/2009 12:31:00 AM
guess i wont have time to blog this next year, or should i say tml. haha. so let me wish everyone in advance here.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2010 lo!!!!!!!!


nono. wrong emoticon. it should be ='''(
2010 please dun come so fast!! cos there will be so many many hell weeks in my new camp awaiting for us and there is really absolutely nothing for us to look forward to. haix.

nights out also had to walk so far just to get out. sux.
go mess also had to walk very far. sux.
go back bunk also need to climb till level 3. sux.
buy drinks from vending machine also need to go down level 1 and climb up again. sux.
our CSM just live opposite us. sux.
will be having SOCs twice or THRICE every week. sux.
and many more etc. etc. etc. sux.

think the only day to look forward to will be chinese new year! hope this day will come fast!!!!!

all right all right. time for new year resolutions!!!

i just hope to achieve some things that will sort of change my life! other than the sucky ns of course. (9 more months 9 more months^^) and also to get car and bike licenses!! and the most important thing of all... not to waste time anymore!!!!! haha.

Lets work hard to our resolution everyone!!! (:

step up 3?!! Thursday, December 24, 2009 12/24/2009 03:22:00 PM
back logged:

was introduced to this underground dance competition by larry called the Dance Infinity at bukit merah there. initially thought its a scam cos when we got there, there are one big bunch of indian dancers outside this so called function room. okay, they are dancers. but INDIAN DANCERS????!!! we at that time really wanted to refund our tixs la cos we saw more and more indian dancers coming up and their supporters. ALL INDIANS!!! like indian dance festival liddat. hahaha. i am not trying to be a racist here but because it was told this dance competition is like Step Up 3 liddat.

and we even saw kids coming up to the function hall! and we was like "wahh.. dun tell me this is a an pei na bei er tong ge chang bi sai(if u all still rmb wat this is)" hahaha. but since we already agreed to go for this, so we decided not to back out and woila!! the dance competition is not too bad afterall!!

we are actually watching the finals of the dance competition and all the dancers are picked up from the streets for them to have a chance to be recognised or smth. it was actually a multi racial type of competition la, with indians, chinese, malays, mixed and even the pinoys. And the reason why there are so many indians there is because their group is just that big. haha. oops!

and there is this one particular group which is the crowd favourite and also our very owns favourite. no prize for guessing which type of group this is. hahaha. of course, its the ALL GIRLS group!!!!! SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE!!! wahahaha. some of them are so cute n pretty can. and they also got all type of girls in there, skinny ones, fat ones, tall ones, short ones, pretty ones, cute ones, boyish ones. 多到.......................

see their video below!!

but of course, the real life ones are better that the video ones. =D

so in the end the competition is quite fun la, got so many vergetables to see. haha. and also made me realise that singaporeans actually like to dance! not bad. hope that there will have more of this kind of lobang to go to!

just yesterday:

u know wat?! just the day before, i wanted to buy this shirt from River Island for my CNY one for ard $117 liddat and guess wat.... River Island got 50% storewide the next day!!! my god. i nearly nearly wanted to pay for the shirt la but my cousin ask me to shop around first and decide later and in the end, i forgot to buy. haha. heng ah!!! so in the end i bought it for $55 ytd! "WOAH!" 省钱王~~~

LOL. so i have learn smth out of this. never buy clothes the day before an eve. cos u never know if there will be any discount on the eve day itself. =D

oh ya. so long never wish ppl happy birthday here already. haha.